What Does Your Choice of Dog Say About You?

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Every dog lover has their favourite breed and while it may appear to be a rather random choice, studies have shown that certain types of people are drawn to particular breeds of dog. Here we take a brief look at a few popular breeds and what you can expect from their owners. You can make up your own mind as to whether you think any of these dog owner stereotypes are true.

what does your choice of dog say about you

Some would say your choice of dog says a lot about you, from your work ethic to how you like to have fun, to whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. So what does your choice of dog say about you?


Pit bulls

While these dogs certainly have a reputation of being aggressive, their owners tend to go against this stereotype by being open minded, sympathetic and accepting types. Pit bull owners are easy going, creative and adventurous; they are confident in themselves, calm under pressure, and very useful in a crisis situation.
what your dog says about you


These strong and graceful dogs are quiet, confidant and have impressive intuition, just like those that own them. Greyhound owners also tend to be independent, emotionally stable and very family-oriented people; they are the friends you go to when you need sage advice on how to deal with an emergency.
pets and personality

German shepherds

Those who love German shepherds tend to be on the extroverted end of the spectrum: they are highly motivated and competitive people who will never back down from a challenge. They are also extremely social and active types who are often involved in a variety of sports, making them the perfect match for their high energy pet who will love nothing more than spending hours at the park with their beloved owner and a few favourite dog toys.
dog owner stereotypes


These impressive dogs are natural leaders, as are their owners. Husky owners are strong willed, they know what they want and are highly protective of friends and family, so you can count on their support no matter what. These people thrive on spending time outdoors, regardless of whether they are swimming, hiking or climbing, and no pooch enjoys being out and about quite like a husky.
people and their dogs


These dogs are famous for their impressive work ethic and their owners can certainly relate, as they tend to be the type of people who will obsess over a task until it is 100% completed. When it comes to socialising, collie owners are more likely to enjoy a small gathering with close friends than a wild night out on the town, although they are rather active and adventurous types in their own way.
what does my breed of dog say about me

Golden retrievers

Considered one of the most people-friendly breeds, Golden retrievers are fun, patient, sympathetic and fun to be around, just like their owners. People who own Goldens are extremely passionate and driven by their love of life; therefore they tend to play a central role in their family and circle of friends as connectors, mediators, motivators and care givers.
dog breeds and their owners

Your choice of dog says a lot about you, from your work ethic to how you like to have fun to whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Whatever type of dog you own, show your pooch how much they mean to you by treating them to a monthly dog gift box from Gus and Lou. To order a dog box today, simply call or contact us online.

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