Superb Sausage Dogs | The Story of the Dachshund

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The story of the Dachshund is a surprising one. Referred to as everything from a hot dog to a sausage dog to a wiener-schnitzel dog, few dogs have as long or as interesting a history as the dachshund. This extremely popular breed has certainly had plenty of ups and downs over the years and here we will take a brief look at the story of this highly impressive pooch.


Over the years the dachshund has shown that it is more than just a hunting dog, with its lively personality and wide range of adorable expressions making it one of the world’s most popular pets


The badger hound

The modern dachshund is the result of selective breeding carried out by German foresters roughly 400 years ago. The foresters were in dire need of a dog that could help defend their lands against badgers and the name dachshund itself is German for badger hound. Badgers are known for being extremely powerful and aggressive animals that would even attack the horses of the foresters; therefore, the dachshund needed to be fast, strong, aggressive and even able to burrow into badger dens.

The ultimate hunter

Every feature of the dachshund was designed for hunting. Its short legs are ideal for digging into underground burrows of badgers and other earth-dwelling mammals and its loose skin prevents it from tearing when tunnelling underground. A deep chest provides the lung capacity required for those energy intensive hunts, a large nose ensures that as many tell-tale odours as possible are picked up, while the dachshund’s long, sturdy tail provides the perfect handle for extracting them from a burrow. The dachshund has extremely strong bones and muscles, short haired varieties require minimal dog care, and when you throw in their loud bark you have one of the world’s most formidable hunting dogs.
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A popular pet

It wasn’t until 1840 that the dachshund first appeared in the UK where it would initially be used in pheasant hunting; however, when Queen Victoria herself became known as a fan of the dachshund it fast became one of the UK’s most popular pets. By 1870 the dachshund had arrived in the United States where it became popular as both a hunter and a pet, and this impressive pooch soon appeared in locations ranging from Australia and France to Holland, India and Denmark.

The impact of war

The first and second world wars had a hugely negative impact on the popularity of the dachshund, particularly in the UK and US where its association with Germany saw it rapidly fall from favour. The backlash was so fierce that a dachshund cast for a role in the Wizard of Oz was even replaced by a different breed due to the anti-German backlash. However, the popularity of this amazing dog wouldn’t be denied as by 1950 the dachshund was once again a top 10 breed in both the UK and US.
the history of the dachshund

An all-round favourite

Over the years the dachshund has shown that it is more than just a hunting dog, with its lively personality and wide range of adorable expressions making it one of the world’s most popular pets. The dachshund’s unusual build proved particularly popular with 19th and 20th century artists, having been immortalised in everything from ceramic and metal to wood carvings, paintings and stuffed toys.
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