Great Ways to Exercise Your Dog Without Walking Them

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An important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy is ensuring that they get plenty of exercise, but this can be easier said than done when it is cold and miserable outside or if unforeseen circumstance get in the way. Rather than risk catching a cold, flu or hypothermia, get creative, because there are plenty of easy ways to keep your beloved pooch active without leaving the house. Here are a few fun ideas that you and your dog will love.

Take advantage of being cooped up inside to teach your dog a few new tricks, as this will keep both their mind and body active.


Work the stairs

Whether your place has just a few steps or a multi-level staircase, you are in luck, because running up and down the stairs can be a fantastic workout for your dog. Working those stairs together will keep you both in shape, but if you’d prefer a more low-energy approach use dog toys or treats to encourage your pooch to keep up their efforts.
exercise your dog without walking

Play indoor fetch

A good old fashioned game of fetch can keep your dog occupied for hours and all you need is a decent toy or two. Ensure that your dog’s nails are trimmed before you start in order to prevent damage to carpets, rugs or hardwood flooring, and if people live below you, be considerate, and save those games of fetch for when your neighbours are out.
playing with your dog indoors

Teach them something new

Take advantage of being cooped up inside to teach your dog a few new tricks, as this will keep both their mind and body active. There is no shortage of dog tricks online, so look for ones that are suitable for your breed of dog and use healthy dog treats to reward your pooch for their efforts. If your dog is struggling with those fancy new tricks work on ones they know already, because even just standing and sitting repeatedly can be a fabulous workout in itself.
alternatives to walking your dog

Create an obstacle course

Show your dog you are serious about having some fun indoors by creating an obstacle course. Use cushions, furniture, cardboard boxes and anything else you can find to set up your course, then either make your way through it together or use toys and treats to motivate your pooch. Apart from keeping your dog in shape, this is a great way to sharpen their mind as well.
ideas for playing with dogs indoors

Try laser pointers

You can get your pooch up and moving in a hurry with the help of a laser pointer, but be very careful not to shine that laser into their eyes as it can cause serious damage. It is also best not to overuse this exercise technique if your dog has a tendency to get worked up, because you may have trouble getting them to calm down afterwards.

There is no end of fun ways to keep your dog active indoors but don’t forget that your pooch will still need to go outside occasionally when nature calls. If you could use a few more toys and treats for those indoor training sessions, pick up a dog box from Gus and Lou. To place your order, contact us online or give us a call today!

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