Boarding Your Dog | Choosing the Right Kennel

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As much as you may want to take your dog with you everywhere, sometimes it just isn’t possible, in which case boarding your beloved pooch can be a fantastic option. While choosing the right kennel will certainly make a big difference, the way you prepare your dog for their boarding experience can have a significant impact as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the major factors to consider when boarding your dog.

boarding your dog

Dogs are extremely perceptive animals and will get stressed if they see you stressing, which is why you should make the process of dropping them off at the kennel fast, easy, and as stress free as possible.


Choosing the right kennel

There are vast differences between kennels and to a large extent you get what you pay for, though be sure to do plenty of research before making your decision. Read online reviews, ask friends for recommendations, and when you have narrowed down your options drop by and see the kennel yourself. Keep a close eye out for factors such as security, cleanliness and supervision as well as the size of the enclosures and exercise runs, and be sure to ask about policies for dealing with anything from play time and dog toys to walks and emergencies. If your dog is particularly high maintenance or has sensitive health issues consider having them boarded at a vet.

Understand the fees

Every kennel has their own fee structure and there are often extra fees involved with special care requirements such as additional walks, administering medication or after hours drop off. Make sure that you understand exactly which fees will apply to your situation, because you can save a tidy sum just by being prepared.

choosing the right kennel

Book early

Wherever you decide to board your pet make your booking early, especially if you will be boarding during peak holiday seasons. This is particularly important if you want to board your pooch somewhere special as places will usually be limited.

Prepare your dog

Dogs are extremely resilient creatures and will usually adjust to boarding quickly; however, it can help to prepare them for the experience ahead of time. Ideally, start boarding your dog when they are still young as this will make it easier for them to get used to it, and take them to the kennel for a few one day visits in the lead up to a prolonged stay.

Organise vital supplies and instructions

You will usually need to provide all of the medications that your dog will require during their stay, so be sure to stock up well ahead of time. Providing your own dog food is also good idea, because apart from saving you some money most dogs can be extremely sensitive to a change in diet. Pass along any information relating to your dog’s personality as well, such as that they don’t like men with beards or are scared of thunder, as this will make it easier to provide them with the best care.

Be cool

Dogs are extremely perceptive animals and will get stressed if they see you stressing, which is why you should make the process of dropping them off at the kennel fast, easy and professional. Whatever you do, don’t stage a huge emotional farewell scene as this will only stress out your dog and make it more difficult for them to settle in at the kennel.

things to consider when boarding your dog

Boarding your dog can be a wonderful solution to those times when your pack just can’t be together and the better you and your dog get at boarding the less stressful those experiences will be. If you want to show your pooch how much you love them and appreciate their good behaviour invest in a dog box from Gus and Lou. We know they will love it!

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