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Treat your dog every month
with their own Essential Dog Box

Treat your dog every month
with their own Essential Dog Box


What is Gus & Lou

Gus & Lou is a monthly gift box subscription service for your pet. Dog toys, dog treats, dog care and grooming products delivered straight to your door. Our aim is provide a wide selection of fun, wholesome goodies and care products for your furry friend, keeping keep your dog extra happy and healthy. Everyone loves to receive a surprise in the post, even your pup!

We try to source locally made, natural, healthy products, and only work with vendors who share our values and care deeply about the health and happiness of dogs.

Our Ethos

Gus & Lou was started as way to start a business acknowledging the importance of the emotional bond we are able to share with dogs, and their real ability to nourish our souls.

The power of connecting with animals as a means of treating various mental health disorders is not to be underestimated. Animals offer unconditional love and loyalty that can sometimes be missing in people, and they are never critical. The relationship between a person suffering from PTSD and a dog or other animal can offer a safe place to let normal emotions surface without the fear of backfires that may hinder interactions with people.

Research suggests that the relationship between humans and dogs goes back many tens of thousands of years. It is a bond that changed the development of the dog forever, and one that has even changed the way that humans have developed.

Over many tens of thousands of years, the relationship has developed further than almost any other between humans and animals. We have taken dogs into our homes, taught them to work for us, made companions of them, and specifically bred them for different characteristics.

We have come to realise that a dog can offer us a relationship of unconditional love, devotion and service that is unparalleled, even when compared to some of our human-to-human relationships. Dogs can help a blind person navigate a sighted world, encourage an autistic child out of their shell, and help a war veteran suffering from PTSD reintegrate back into normal society. It would be hard to imagine a world without that bond between man and his best friend of thousands of years.

Our Story

Gus & Lou is a proud member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA)

We proudly donate a percentage of our profits to Soldier On  – Take a look at our story below to learn more.

So who are Gus & Lou?
Gus & Lou are two cheeky little Daschunds who are the namesake and inspiration behind this business. The two have different personalities but are similar in their ability to love. Lou is full of energy and mischief, while Gus could cuddle and sleep the entire day away. 

The business was founded by Julia Peard, an Australian Ex-Servicewoman, who suffered from PTSD after serving in East Timor and the Middle East. After discharging from the Army and a long period of struggling to deal with the effects of PTSD (whilst also having a deep desire to help those similarly affected) a counsellor advised Julia that getting a dog could assist with exercise, routine and also emotional recovery. The positive effect of pet therapy in treating a wide range of emotional conditions is well documented.

“I searched on the internet and fell in love with a photo of Gus. This small sausage dog with big feet and deep dark brown eyes. He had the healing touch and brought my heart back together. A year later I stumbled on Lou Lou and we were able to add a new addition to our family.” – Julia

During rehabilitation, Julia was offered temporary accommodation with Soldier On, an organisation helping young veterans. She stayed for approx. 6 months at their homes for hero’s facility in Narrabeen. They allowed her to take Gus even though there was a blanket rule in the village that no residents were to have animals.

Now Julia was determined to create something positive from this experience – The love and kindness experienced at various stages of recovery (and the support from Gus & Lou) had inspired her to create this business, where she was simultaneously able to support two of the most important factors in her recovery – the unconditional love of dogs, and the tireless support and kindness shown by organisations such as Soldier On.

Gus & Lou is growing rapidly to become one the most respected names in the Australian dog gift box subscription market. The aim of Gus & Lou is also to develop an engaged and informed online community of likeminded dog lovers, with the regular publication of helpful and interesting articles on the website, and sharing and engaging with the online community over on Facebook.


10% of every sale goes to support our wounded
warriors through Soldier On