5 Tips For Having a Cool Summer With Your Dog | Keeping Your Dog Cool

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It can be hard to stay cool when the temperatures rise, especially when you have a fur coat on at all times, but a few simple moves can make a world of difference for you and your beloved pooch. Dogs don’t have sweat glands in their skin, so they must loose excess heat through panting alone. This means keeping your dog cool is extremely important, and the following tips will ensure that you both can keep cool this summer regardless of how hot it may get.

keeping your dog cool is extremely important

Keeping your dog cool is extremely important, and the following are just a few simple things you can do to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat. Get involved in the conversation over on Facebook if you have any top tips of your own!


Walk early and late

Your dog needs to be walked at least a couple times each day, every day of the year, but when the summer heats up it is wise to be strategic about when those walks take place. Head out early in the morning before the temperatures rise, as apart from being a fantastic way to start the day it will also be a whole lot cooler and quieter out there. As for those evening walks, wait until the sun goes down and the heat of the day cools off before you head back out again.

Always carry water

Staying hydrated is vital for the health and safety of any creature, though it can be particularly challenging for dogs that have a fur coat on the larger end of the spectrum. Keep their water bowl filled at home, make it a habit to carry water with you every time you head outside together, and take note of the location of water taps along your regular routes so you can refill along the way.

how to keep my dog cool

Keep a few frozen treats

Everyone loves an ice cold treat on a hot summer’s day, including your dog, so make sure that you have a few special items for them in your freezer at all times. Whether you keep raw bones for them in there or simply freeze the dog treats you usually give them, be sure that every member of your pack has a way to cool down on those long hot days and warm nights.

Invest in a doggy pool

Most dogs love water so if you give them a chance to dive in and cool down on a hot summer’s day you won’t need to ask them twice. While inflatable kid-style pools can certainly do the trick for smaller dogs, they can be vulnerable to being punctured by your dog’s nails and many aren’t strong enough to handle the weight and force of a large dog. For best results, invest in a pool that is made from hard plastic or fibreglass as not only will it be better able to handle your pooch but it will also last more than just the one season.

tips for cooling down dogs

Time for a hair cut

Dogs that grow long, thick and heavy coats can struggle to stay cool when the temperatures rise making it a smart move to give them a trim before summer heats up. If you plan on doing the cutting yourself research your dog’s breed to find out the best way to do so; otherwise, invest in the services of your local dog grooming specialist. Not only will your dog get a fresh look for summer that will keep them considerably cooler, but they will be a lot easier to keep clean as well.

looking after dogs in summer

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