5 Reasons Having a Dog Improves Your Life

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There is a reason why dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years; it’s because owning a dog can make every day better in countless different ways. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get a dog, read on, because the following are just some of the reasons having a dog improves your life.

5 reasons having a dog improves your life

Few things can impact your health and happiness quite like owning a dog, regardless of your age, gender or where you live


Dogs make you more active

Owning a dog will guarantee that you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, because even just taking them for their daily walks will mean you are doing a considerable amount of exercise. You certainly won’t struggle for motivation either, because it is hard not to want to head outside when your pooch is standing by the door with their favourite dog toys raring to go. There are also many ways you and your dog can keep active, even if you can’t get out of the house)

Dogs improve your social life

No one has an easier time of meeting people than those who own dogs, because all they have to do is leave the house with their dog and they become an instant social magnet. Apart from making it easy to get to know your neighbours, you never know who you might meet down at the local dog park and your pooch will provide the perfect opportunity to go over and say hi. You will also now have something in common with the millions of ‘dog people’ out there, making it a whole lot easier to make new friends.
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Dogs make people happier

Studies have consistently shown that those who own a dog are happier than those that don’t. There is no better way to end each day than having your pooch excited to see you when you get home and their love and companionship can be especially beneficial if you are going through hard times. Scientists have even found that simply petting your dog releases the hormones serotonin and oxytocin in your brain, making you feel happier, while also reducing the levels of cortisol, a hormone which is known to cause stress. It is also well documented that pets can help with our mental wellbeing, from PTSD to depression.

Your kids will have fewer allergies

Kids who grow up in a household with at least one dog are far less likely to develop allergies later on in life. Incredibly, even if your mother had a dog while she was pregnant with you the likelihood of you developing allergies is decreased. Not only are your kids less likely to be allergic to pet hair and dander if they grow up with a dog, but their chance of developing skin conditions, such as eczema, are also significantly reduced.

Dogs make us safer

Regardless of whether you live alone, in a bad part of town or just like to go walking late at night, owning a dog can make you safer, because even a small dog can scare away a potential assailant with a few decent barks. Having a dog at home will also drastically reduce the chance of anyone breaking into your home, as few would-be thieves will be terribly interested in fighting a dog to get to your belongings.
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Few things can impact your health and happiness quite like owning a dog, regardless of your age, gender or where you live. Thank your dog for all they do for you by investing in a dog box subscription from Gus and Lou, as it will help to keep your beloved pooch as healthy and happy as they are keeping you.

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